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Braden is 5yrs old and has a younger brother. Braden was born with a PDA & ASD. His PDA closed within seven day’s of birth and his ASD remained open for two years. He did not have any complications with his ASD, although his cardiologist recommended we close it at the age of two if it had not corrected by this time. Therefore at 2yrs and 3months it had not made any changes in size therefore we opted to correct it. We then went to Children’s in New Orleans and the ASD was repaired by heart cath. God truly blessed us in a way that Braden was a candidate to repair the ASD by heart cath and he did not have to go through open heart surgery. We stayed twenty-four hours in the hospital for monitoring and we were released. This procedure was a great success and he has done marvelous every since. At 10wks.of age, Braden was also diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss. He originally had an 80/40 loss but this has improved over the years. (How? they don’t really know since his loss is nerve issues and is not suppose to get better, but it has–God has a plan). His loss is now 60/40 (60% loss in his right ear and 40% in his left) He wears bilateral hearing aids, and has since he was 10mths.Old. Braden hears very well without his aids, but since  his primary issues are high pitch sounds  we want to make sure he is hearing at 100% so his speech is not affected. Braden has also recently been diagnosed with Migraines. He had been experiencing vertigo type episodes so we were referred to a neurologist who in turn diagnosed him with Migraine which are causing the vertigo. The neurologist is optimistic that he will out grow this due to the statistics that males have a greater chance of out growing Migraine than females. But overall Braden is very healthy. He does not have trouble with ear infections, his vision is good at this point and he eats well!!! He loves sweets like cake & ice cream! (We do limit his intake of these sweets so he does not develop any bad habits) We also have to remind him to chew his food correctly, he tends to be lazy sometimes and does not want to chew adequately. Oh let me also mention Braden has started school and is doing very well. He loves his teacher and is  progressing wonderfully. Braden’s birth was no surprise for us, we knew at 21wks gestation that he would be born with trisomy 21/Down syndrome. Of coarse we have had to make lots of lifestyle changes, including making new friends etc.. but it has all been for the best! Braden has truly been a blessing to all of our family and friends. We Love You Braden.


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