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Ellie Grace's Story 

Ellie Grace was born April 25, 2007.  She was 3 ½ weeks early.  She weighed 5 lbs, 4 oz.  She is my first.  She has an older sister and brother from her father.  She was born with a club foot and she has gone through 3 casts and 3 braces to correct it.  No surgery.  She had surgery on her ears and we put tubes in when she was 6 months old.  Her hearing has improved but she is still not passing the hearing tests.  Her vision is uncertain-she does see things but she may have tunnel vision.  Ellie Grace was born with 3 holes in her heart and 2 have closed.  Her heart has 3 chambers instead of 4.  So far her oxygen, coloring, and blood pressure are good so surgery is an option later; probably when she is 4-6, if the prayers don’t heal it before.  She was in NICU for 2 weeks.  God sent Ellie Grace to us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  She has brought such joy and love into our wonderful family.  She is now 1 and is trying to crawl.  She has mastered the “raspberry” and “the look”, which is when she tilts her head down and raises her eyebrows and looks at you.  She loves outside and camping. She has a temper and shows it when she is displeased.  Usually she is a very happy baby and we can’t imagine our lives without her.  Each member of the family and all the neighbors have separate “pet” names for her and she knows them all.  We love her more than any words can express..


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