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Hi and welcome to my picture page!  My name is Jacob Comeaux and I was born in 1993.  Although I have a Cajun daddy, I was born in Houston and will always be a bit of a Texan at heart. When I was born, the Lord gave me some l’agniappe – that means “a little something extra” in Cajun French.  I got extra personality, extra looks, an extra special family ~ oh, and an extra chromosome, too.  I happened to have been born with Down syndrome so I have an extra number 21 chromosome in all the cells in my body.  Oh, don’t feel sorry about that!  There’s an organization with a name that I think describes how my family feels about my Down syndrome.  It’s called “Up with Downs.”  My mom says that, when she meets someone new, she can’t wait for them to meet about me. She thinks I’m terrific.  She especially likes going to the mall with me because we both love to talk to people.  We walk around smiling at folks and, whenever someone looks friendly or needs an ‘atta-boy,’ I shake their hand.

My mom and dad and sister don’t really think of me any differently, except that my older sister thinks I’m a pest because I have Down syndrome.  Shhhh, you don’t have to tell her most little brothers are pests.  This way I have something to blame it on.

Both my sister and I have been homeschooled all our lives.  Some people think homeschoolers don’t get enough social stuff in their lives but our problem is that sometimes we can get too much.  We have so many friends and such a big homeschool group that our calendar really impresses people when they see it on the wall.  My mom has to practice saying “no” so that we can get all of our schoolwork done.  Mom takes me to Linda Kane, who is a Neurodevelopmentalist, every four months.  She evaluates my development with therapies and academics and writes a school program for my mom to do at home with me.  There’s lots and lots of help and support for Mom to work with me so I can do all the things God created me to do.

I also am on a targeted nutritional intervention (TNI) protocol which really helps keep me strong and healthy.  It’s been designed to meet the special needs I have with my biochemistry.  I have all the same genetic material as anybody else, I just have too much of it.  It can cause me some health and developmental problems so my mom and dad keep me on TNI to help keep my biochemistry normalized as much as possible.  It won’t make my Down syndrome go away, but you should see my muscles and how well I can think; and you should see all the new places I can think of to hide my Daddy’s oatmeal every morning.  He likes to take it to work with him in a plastic cup but every day I manage to sneak it away from him and hide it in a new place.  My dad loves it when I tease him – he thinks I’m terrific, too.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking my.  If you have someone special in your life who happens to have Down syndrome too, you’ll appreciate all the help our support group can offer.  There’s a lot of great help for kids and adults like me.  My family does a lot to help me but mostly, they love me and believe in all the things I can do in life.  My future’s so bright, “I gotta wear shades!”


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