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Hi, my name is Jordan Manlove. Here are a few pictures of me. I love my family, dressing up for Halloween, going to the movies, dancing, puppies, horses, hamburgers, my school (Kaplan High) and being in the swimming pool. I hope you enjoyed my photographs. I especially love the ones that my PawPaw Dorris is holding me and the one where I am standing next to my Mommom (my great grandmother). They went to Heaven in the same year and that was hard for me but I still talk to them and play with them sometimes. Please feel free to email me at jordan_manlove@yahoo.com.



PS. My mom and Dad are the BEST!

OK, so if truth be told, Jordan didn’t write the above paragraph but it’s what I know to be true of her life. I wonder how much of what she believes and knows but cannot "say" to me. Sometimes I have to wing it and hope that it’s correct. Jordan is our blessing, one of many. Thanks, Jordan, for the smiles!


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