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Links of Interest
Comprehensive Web Sites About Down Syndrome

Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group

Sara G's "Being Into Down Syndrome" Page

Uno Mas!

Mosaic Down Syndrome on the Web


National, State and Local Organizations

National Down Syndrome Society

National Down Syndrome Congress

The National Academy for Child Development
National Association for Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans

Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

Bureau of Community Supports and Services

Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council

Office of Public Health

Families Helping Families of Acadiana

Legacy Issues, Advocacy, and Estate Planning

Steven M. Jankower - Special Education Law & Advocacy, Medicaid & Estate Planning

The Advocacy Center

Louisiana Citizens for Advocacy Now (LaCAN)


Health and Medical Issues

Targeted Nutritional Intervention and Genetics by Dr. Lawrence Leichtman
Down Syndrome Health Isses by Dr. Len Leshin
Growth Chart for Children with Down Syndrome
Biochemistry and other info about Down Syndrome
(easy to understand)

Down Syndrome Characteristics by Dr. Siegfried M. Pueschel

Risk and Recourrence of Down Syndrome by Dr. Paul Benke

What is Mosaic Down Syndrome by Carol Strom

Animations of Meiosis and Fertilization

Down Syndrome & Autistic-Spectrum Disorder

Hip Instability in Down Syndrome by Kim Voss

Breastfeeding and Down Syndrome by the La Leche organization


Education and Inclusion


Special Olympics

Communicating Partners,  Dr. James MacDonald



Down Syndrome Info Exchange

DSTNI (Targeted Nutritional Intervention)

Down Syndrome for New Parents
Dad’s Appreciating Down Syndrome

Yellow Pages for Kids

I Pad / IPhone / IPod 

Suggestions for various apps and games 


Other Notable Sites

Chris Burke Fan Club

Sujeet Desai Pianist Extraordinaire

Michael Jurogue Johnson a Painter and Illustrator with Down Syndrome

Raymond Hu  Artist and Writer

Jane Cameron  Artist and Poet

Bernadette Resha Artist, Musician, Model and Magician

Band of Angels Calendars and Note Cards

Dolly Downs

Downi Creations (more dolls)

Signing Time! American Sign Language Videos for Children

Sign Language

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