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September 2005

My name is Nash Norwood, and I am two-years-old.  Boy what an adventure life has been so far.  I was born with an extra 21st chromosone.  They say that means I have Down syndrome.  I just think it gives me that something extra that makes me irresistable.  Mom and Dad sure seem to agree.

I also have this thing called leukemia.  When mom and I were in New Orleans, at Tulane University Hospital, I was pretty sick, and Hurricane Katrina blasted through New Orleans.  My blood counts were just too low for them to evacuate mom and I.  Katrina devestated the city and we were right in the middle of it.  Texas Children's Hospital was waiting on us to get rescued, and they sent a crew to come get us.  The day we were to leave, some bad men with guns were shooting at those trying to rescue us.   Everyone was scared, and angry, why did these people not want to let us leave?

The next day, early in the morning, we children were resuced, but not our moms.  That was scary.  I am only 2 remember.   But the helicopter ride was neat.   Mom got to Texas Children's Hosptial as soon as she could, 20 hours she says.  I was so happy to see her.  She says “It ripped my heart out when they took him but I thought, ‘At least he’s out of here and can get the blood transfusions he needs and water and food."

I hear that FOX News played a part in getting my mom back to where I was, so thank you FOX News!!  I had to undergo a needed bone marrow transplant at Texas Children's Hospital, it was tough!  Mom was with me, but Dad had to work so came on the weekends to visit with us.  I missed my dad and brothers a lot. 



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