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Natalie Michelle Holmes

Born September 3, 1999

Her affectionate name- Little Princess or Baby Girl

She will absolutely capture your heart.  Natalie has three other brothers and sisters!  Her sister Tabatha is 13 and she shows everyone the picture of her little sister and they all say how cute she is! , Chance is 8 and he and Natalie are great friends and do a lot together.  Cole is her younger brother and he is 21 months old…Natalie seems to think she is Cole’s mom and loves playing the mommy role with him!

Natalie was born with Down Syndrome to unsuspecting parents in Dallas Texas.  It was scary but we very quickly found out that there is no other way we would want her.  We where very lucky to be in such a wonderful hospital with one of the best NICU’s in the surrounding states.  She was born a month early (7lbs 8oz,the biggest preemie in the hospital!)  and in cardiac arrest from three holes in her heart and much fluid on her lungs but because of the wonderful doctors and nurses she was able to pull through quite nicely!  All of her holes have closed up and she doesn’t even have a mermer anymore!  

Natalie has taught me more about myself than anyone could.  I have learned that everyone is different in their own special way and that is a beautiful thing.  She has taught me patience and understanding.  I believe that the Lord has sent Natalie to me as a very special blessing.  We love her more than anyone could ever imagine.


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