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Sean was born November 2, 1998. He was born 10 weeks premature, with an ASD, VSD and PDA, all holes in the heart. He spent the first 10 weeks of life in the NICU. Sean had a nissen fundiplication done with a g-tube put in before he came home from the hospital. The holes in the heart were all completely healed by the time he was 10 months old, and had no surgical intervention for that. He has had surgery to put tubes in his ears several times. Overall Sean is very healthy, but we do have issues with sinus, allergies. 

April 09 Sean had surgery again, this time to remove adnoids, tonsils, clean his sinuses and ears, and a turbinate reduction.   He has had multiple sets of PT tube and T tubes in his ears.

Developmentally, Sean was pretty far behind most DS children his age, he didn’t walk till he was 4. But he is doing wonderfully. He is just a tad bit on the spoiled side, (okay so pretty darn spoiled, but he should be I think). We do have what we lovingly call "Sean’s World Syndrome", meaning life revolves around him. He has been such a trememdous blessing for our family.

Sean loves to play TOPSoccer,  and he is outside playing with his ball every opportunity he has.  He also loves to play baseball, and swimming is his summertime addiction.

He has also gotten a Dynavox, which is an augmentative communication device.  It assists him in communicating with everyone.   We also use a good bit of sign language to communicate as well.  His favorite is the Iphone or Ipod, whichever he can swindle away from folks.  He also loves to play and watch movies on a tablet.

We are doing eReadingPro with Sean which has helped him in being able to recognize words and trying to speak them more often.  


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