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Steven's excited!!!  He can't wait 'til August 14, which is his 47th birthday.  This year (2011) he's having a Wii party at home and inviting a few guys over for sandwiches and drinks, chips, games and a movie.  Last year and the year before, he had large parties, one a 50's theme and the other, a Casino theme, so this one will be rather quiet, in comparison. 

Steven continues to work at LARC where, during the mornings, he spends his time at the Mardi Gras Bead Store on Johnston Street, and afterwards returns to the LARC campus for lunch and work on their gumbo bowl project.  He loves his jobs and never wants to miss a day, knowing his paycheck will suffer if he's absent.  

He recently joined the Action Krewe Civitan Club and attends monthly meetings and most of the other events sponsored by the Club.  In June, he accompanied the group on a tour bus to New Orleans for a visit to the Ronald McDonald House and he's looking forward to doing lots of other interesting work with his Civitan friends. 

Steven still participates in Special Olympic Bowling and also bowls every Monday afternoon at Acadiana Lanes with the "Perfect World" Bowling League.  He has a personal care attendant who accompanies him there each week and on Friday evenings, his attendant takes him out to do fun things like going to the mall, to movies, eating out (a favorite pastime), or going to meet friends for dancing at Randol's.  

Steven loves to spend time at home, too, just "relaxing." He entertains himself for hours listening to his music on his iPod, playing his guitar, watching TV, and drawing.  He's very fortunate to have two sweet sisters, Mary Ellen and Libby, and one sweet brother, John, and their families who live close by and constantly spoil him, so he always looks forward to their visits.  He's especially crazy about his youngest nephew, Grayson, age 20 months, and Jolie, 3, his cousin, and they love their "Uncle Stevie."

Another hobby of Steven's is rigging up various costumes.  He has a huge collection of various masks, capes, hats and wigs stashed away in his room, and you never know what character is going to walk into the kitchen or den when company visits.  

At this time of the year Steven's beginning to look forward to the opening of the football season.  He's been a diehard SAINTS fan for years and when they won the SuperBowl, he was ecstatic!  He loves to collect the schedules of all the games from the newspapers and is glued to his TV whenever the games are on.

And before long, we'll be busy trying to decide what our team theme for this year's Buddy Walk will be.  Steven and his "buddies" have participated in the local Buddy Walk since it began, and we're looking forward to participating again this year.

We are truly blessed to have Steven in our family -- he's by far the most popular person in our family, that's for sure -- and we thank God every day for sending us one of His "special kids" to light up our lives. 


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