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These therapists have attended the Talk Tools Seminar Feeding Therapy:  A Sensory Motor Approach Presented by Lori Overland

Alleman, Jeannine  
Arango, Maria, Our Lady of Lourdes 337-289-2000
Barnes, Anna "Haley"  North Oaks Health System
Beaman, Michelle, Our Lady of the Lake 225-765-6971
Benefield, Kristine
Broussard, Angie
  Speech Language Specialists, Inc 337-989-9745
Broussard, Bridget  Speech Language Specialist, Inc 337-989-9745
Brown, Lynley Community Therapy 985-646-0425
Tanya Cannon  Neuro Therapy Specialists
Arlene Chachere, Speech Therapy Services  337-224-2208
Suzanne Chandler, North Monroe Medical Center 318-388-8604
Deborah Chepolis,  New Orleans Early Steps 504-931-8488
Stephanie Cogburn,  Iberia Parish Schools 337-365-2343
Tracey Dantin, Neuro Therapy Specialists 
Amy Dimaro,  504-830-9218
Stacey Elmer, Health South  318-449-1370
Vonda Flue,  337-884-6701
Lori Frederickson,   225-753-8777
Barbara Gayler, Our Lady of Lourdes 337-289-2000
Lean Genusa, Independant SLP 225-324-8201
Elizabeth Gochnour, Remedial Specialists  504-836-2085
Leigh Herman, Early Steps  225-292-7462
Debra LeBlanc, Jumpstart Therapy 504-710-8665
Maura Mize, Mize & Associates   337-433-4212
Leigh Nash, Our Lady of Lourdes   337-289-2166
Luann Pearson,  337-272-0095
Jeanne Pichoff, Early Steps & High Hopes Therapy 318-237-0470
JoAnn Puglise,  504-494-8339
Christy Robichaux 985-855-1586
Kelly Sharp, North Oaks Health System  
Angela Soileau 318-448-3848
Megan Stout  225-485-8999
Cindy Tracy  225-752-6232
Keri Underwood, Our Lady of Lourdes 337-839-5573

Disclaimer:  These therapists are being listed here as a possible starting point for parents who are searching for help for their child.    It is a team approach for treating any child, and finding the "right" therapist for your child is never an easy job, but when its right it works wonderfully. 

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