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Hi I'm Tony Piontek.  I'm 33 years old and I live in New Iberia, Louisiana with my parents, George and Diane Piontek.  I have four older brothers and two older sisters.  I'm an Eagle scout with two Eagle Palms.  I work at Lowes in New Iberia.

I thank you Mrs. Julie, Mrs. Charmaine, Mrs. Marlene, Mrs. Kay, Mrs. Shauna and Mrs. Kim for making me comfortable with my job on the DSAA board.  It's also a blessing to work with people that are so caring, loving, and supportive of the dreams we share together.  

Here's some of my personal activities and interests even some honors and awards I've accomplished.  I'm truly blessed to know my gifts are from Him.  

BSA- Assistant Scoutmaster

         Earned the Bachelor of Commissioner Science Degree at the University of Scouting

Religious Emblems Counselor 

Unit Commissioneer

Volunteer Activities:

* Sacred Heart Church Core (Life Teen)

* Sacred Heart Church Adult Retreat Team

* Life Teen "Life Book" Photographer

* Adult mass server

* Eucharist Minister Greeter

*Landscaper Crew (Sacred Heart)

* St. Edward School (Katie's Garden / Panda Mascot)

* St. Francis Diner

* Assisting at Sacred Heart Church

  Medical Clinic/ Pantry after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita

Working at Lowes in New Iberia

Personal Interests:

Scouting, Reading, Writing, Competitive Swimming, Cycling, Photography, Computers, Volunteer work, Special Olympics/Unified Sports, Keeping fit, yoga, and traveling.

Special Olympics:

In '82  I started with the Special Olympics Program.

Thirty years competed in five other sports.  '82 - '12

Twenty-three years competed in the sport of aquatics. '89 - '12

Led the Officials Oath, at the Opening Ceremonies for the Special Olympics
for Summer State Games . '95

ONLY Athlete from Louisiana to publicly speak on behalf of New Heaven,
Connecuits', "LIVE" RADIO and T.V. stations '95 

Multi gold and silver medal swimmer in State and International Special Olympics.

Only qualified U.S. Aquatics Athlete as Official from the State of Louisiana to Special Olympics World Summer Games in '95.

U.S. Aquatics Official (In New Heaven, Conn) as a Stroke & Turn and timer Judge '95

Silver and Bronze medalist at the World Summer Games in '95

Official athlete for the '99 Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (3 time silver medalist)

Competed a Sports certification for Volunteer Aquatics Coach June 30, 2000

An Official athlete to compete in the '06 Special Olympics Nationals in Ames, Iowa.  July 2-7th, Gold & Bronze medalist.

Twenty-three years in ALP's (Athlete Leadership Program), Special Olypics International Head Quarters Internation Head Quarters in Washington DC.  with Mr. Dave Lenox Director of Athlete Leadership Program.  '98 -'12

So I am planning an informational retreival meeting for the Global Messengers, International Head Quarters in public relations.

Athlete Leadership Committee Member (State)

A State Athlete speaker for Special Olympics at Athlete Conferences and choosen to speak on National Open Forum.

SOOPA - Special Olympics Officals Progam

Athlete as Officials Program

Athlete as Volunteers

Athlete Boardmanship

Athlete as Contributors to Newsletters

Religious Catholic Schools '06- ''07 Achiever/Supporter of the Year

Religious Awards::

2011 William J. McGoffin Award (received on Oct 12, '11)
2010 St.Geroge Award
2009 Bronze Pelican Award
2008 Scouting Scroll of Honor

Bible Verses:

Psalm 23

2 Cor. 12:9

Gal. 6:10

Matt. 25:21


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